A hypothesis is an educated guess. Often when describing a possible outcome people will confuse a hypothesis with a theory. A hypothesis has not been experimentally tested. Theories have experimental conclusions that back them or support their answer to the problem. An example of a Hypothesis would be that Albino Humans left Africa with cloths on due to the problems with skin burning due to the mutation of skin color. The adaptation would be to put on cloths. Most animals have white skin, since the skin is covered by hair. Early ancestors that migrated to Africa would have lost the hair and the skin darkened. The albino gene would become recessive. This is a hypothesis, because it has not been tested or an experiment has not been set up to test the hypotheis. Dark skin color is dominant, because it causes the human to move out of the sun due to UV damaging the thymine nucleotides or causing them to pop out of the DNA strand. This pop out is due to oxygen bonding. UV reacts with oxygen to form ozone in the atmosphere.

What is the difference between a Theory and Law? A Doctor or Auto mechanic that specializes in specific problems associated with their area of study can provide new employees with many conclusions on the same problem. Many conclusions based on the same problem produces a theory. Theories are Educated Conclusions, since the new employee will not have the experience of multiple experiments or multiple oppertunities to fix the problem correctly. Science is about problem solving. Many problems are complex and require an educated worker. Workers that are not educated in their area of study will take longer to grasp certain theories, because they lack the background or knowledge of past conclusions from experiments performed. A theory is an Educated Conclusion because the majority of people who first here of a new conclusion to a controversal problem need further study of the background experiments to increase their education with the complexity associated with the experiments performed to support the conclusion.

Theory = Educated Conclusion

Many theories are not accepted, like evolution from elements to humans. Evolution is important to study, since Humans desire to know if we came here from another planet. Cycles are often repeated, so if we came here from another planet we would likely be able to go to another planet and carry on our traditons.

Convincing others of the many conclusions associated with a problem that has been solved numerous different ways is the goal for turning a theory into a Law. When the majority of people on the Earth support evolution then it will become a law. Laws require math data and application that provides the common person with knowledge that the best answer is clearly defined. A law is a supported conclusion because it is the best answer to the problem.

Law = Supported Conclusion


A somplex problem that has to be tested.... We have not proven through experimentation how a Prokaryote evolved into a Eukaryote. Prokaryotes are single cell and have circular DNA. Genes associated with centromere formation would need to be isolated and placed by transformation into the bacteria DNA. All male honey bees or drones are produced parthenogentically. The partheogenesis gene would need to be isolated and transformed into the bacteria DNA. The goal would be for the Bacteria DNA to form a chromosome and then that chromosome to replicate into two copies without dividing. The goal would be for this to occur first without the formation of the nuclear envelope. We do not know what came first the nuclear envelope or two copies of DNA in the Eukaryote.